Media Search

This page will show you how to search for audio records.

An audio file can be a song, a jingle, a commercial or a news clip.

Media Search

Click on the Media Search button in any of the menus where available.


There are multiple tabs which allow you to narrow down your search for a specific record.

We'll run a simple example and you can investigate the effect of the remaining options as you progress with learning the application.

Enter a song name in Search Value field.
Select the Like option from the Relational Operator.
Click on the Add to List to add the search value to the list of criteria.


Now that you have a value to search form, click on the Search button.

This will take you straight to the Search Results tab, displaying the records it has found matching the criteria you were looking for.


Now you can proceed with either editing any of the displayed record or add it to your queue for Assisted Playback.

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