Broadcast Power  comes with a set of predefined reports that we can customize and build upon.

If your business requires a custom report, we will be happy to assist with defining the requirements and building the report or train your staff to write the custom reports.

Available Reports

Currently the application ships with the following basic reports:

1. Commercial Summary


2. Spot Commercials


3. Media Playback


How to run

To run a particular reports, first you would have to have rights to run the reports defined by the administrator.

Select the Reports menu and then click on the Reports button.


You should have a list of reports to choose from.

Highlight the report you wish to run from the list, set the parameters and click on the Run Report button.

The report should display in a new window. The report window has a toolbar which allows you to control the report parameters as well as other functionality.

Other reporting engines

If you prefer using other reporting engines, you may tap into the BP2X database and extract the information you want using any report writer you are comfortable with or prefer to use.

Please make sure that you write your reports in such a way that you do not jeopardize Broadcast Power's operation. Reports may cause issues with the running of the application if not written properly to minimize record locking at the database level, as well as slowing down the machine on which the database engine runs.
We recommend that you replicate your database for your reporting needs, especially long running reports and use the replica on another machine to run the reports.

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