Radio Station Management

Radio Station Management

When you work at a radio station, your job profile controls what you do. Broadcast Power  was built from a set of business processes specifically designed around common best practices in radio station management, programming and automation.

The basicthing that a radio station does is to broadcast audio to its listeners.

Audio can range from a simple talk over, a song or jingle to a sophisticated program with authored content.

Evidently, commercial radio stations rely on advertisements, or commercials, to generate revenue and sustain their operations. Broadcast Power  takes several approaches to scheduling and automating commercials.

Throughout this user's manual we will explain a process used in the management and operation of a radio station and show you how you can automate, program, and use Broadcast Power to assist you in presenting the final audio to your listeners, maximizing on resource usage and quality control of your broadcast content.

By no means are the processes presented here complete or detailed. It is left to you to decide on the details of any process. The processes serve only the purpose of assisting us in understanding where does Broadcast Power fit in the mix. Some processes assume previous tasks have already been accomplished and start from there.

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