Programs are a sub division of a Schedule. To start working with programs for any particular schedule, highlight the schedule from the Grid Editor, Schedule tab, then select the Programs tab.


Create a new Program
With the Programs tab selected, click anywhere within the calendar control and then press on the Home key. The Home key will bring today's time into view on the calendar control.

Highlight a time on the calendar control and double click to create a new program.


Modify Program properties
You can utilize different methods to modify the properties of created programs.

Modify by double clicking on the program
You can modify a program by double clicking on it.


Modify program start and end time by dragging upper or lower edges
You can modify the start and end time of a program by dragging its upper or lower edge.


Modify program start and end date or time by dragging the left edge
Dragging a program by its left edge allows you to move it from one day to another or from one start time to another.


After creating your programs, you can start populating them with program elements.

Dragging a program beyond its parents boundaries will result in an error message.


Delete a program
To delete a program, select it and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


Clicking on Yes will delete the program, provided there are no other constraint preventing it from deleting.
Clicking on No should return without executing the delete operation.

Although Programs can overlap, you should not overlap programs unless one of the programs is a commercial spot.

When programs overlap, the automation engine will consider the "play on time" setting of the program element to decide whether to interrupt the program and play the next one or continue playing the existing program elements until done before moving on to the next program.

Copying, Pasting and Generating Commercial Spots
See Programs - Grid

Program Rules
You can set rules for programs.

Rules are simply selection criteria for audio files.

You can set more than one for a program.

You can assign rules to a program by clicking on the "Set Program Rules..." right click menu.

See Automation Rules for more info on how to

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