News Reading

News Reading

Reading news live would usually require the user to have a prepared script to read off. This section will show you how to read a prepared script.

Note: If your company wants to publish the news articles edited, please contact us for assistance, automation and integration with your web host or RSS feed server.

News Reading
To start reading a news session, select the News menu and then click on News Player.


Select the news session date and then select the news session from the drop down list.

Selecting a news session from the list will populate the news headings tree. Expand the root node and select the top stories heading. The top stories should be displayed in the News Content.

Note: You can expand the news viewer by clicking on the maximize button on the caption next to the pin down button.

As you can see, the news content has an audio clip button. If you click on the button, the audio clip will be loaded into the player, unless you have the set it to playback as soon as you click on it from the application configuration section.

To play the news clip, simply click on the play button after selecting it.

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