Network communication security

Network communication security

Application security is a very complex topic. When an application has to communicate over an open channel, like the internet, security becomes even a more complex topic. The fight with security is a fight to reduce risk. Nullifying the risk is an expensive operation in terms of resources and time (we're not talking about quantum encryption here).

The safest your application can get to is to limit it to a single computer, detached from any network connectivity or any radio transmission, in a room where only you have access to.

The reality is tha,t to be useful, Broadcast Power has to work over a multitude of communication channels, the office network, the internet, and maybe a VPN. We have designed Broadcast Power to provide you with a very suitable and secure method of communication. Passwords won't be transmitted over the wire in plain text, we use encryption to protect sensitive data. You may also choose to encrypt the whole application conversation between the user interface and the server. The enabler here is a secure channel protocol setting through the GTCP configuration variable.


To enable secure communication, you should first run your user interface in remoting mode.


Then you will have to mofidy the Remoting Settings configuration key to GTCP with a true encrypt parameter.


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