Deployment Scenarios

Deployment Scenarios

Broadcast Power can run in standalone mode or in a distributed mode on a network.

Below, we will present three different deployment scenarios; albeit not every possible deployment scenario, they should give you a better idea of how Broadcast Power functions.

Scenario 1: The simplest


Under this scenario, the client or user interface is installed on the same machine as the remote player host and the database. In the diagram, the database is depicted as an external source of data; nevertheless, it can still be considered as part of the user interface.

Scenario 2: Adds a slight complexity


This scenario has Broadcast Power controlling audio playback for a single radio station. However, the whole setup is distributed. The player sits on a host, where the user interface is installed on a separate machine. Unlike scenario 1, the database is depicted as an external source of data where it should sit on a yet different machine. This does not mean that the database has to be on a different machine, it can still be installed on the remote player host where the user interface has access to it.

Scenario 3: Somewhat Complex


With this scenario, Broadcast Power is controlling two different radio stations. One of the remote player hosts can be designated as the controller remote player. What this means is that any command going to the controller remote player, will be relayed to the controlled remote player triggering the same effect. It is worth mentioning although one remote player controls the other, the audio playback can be different. Where remote player 1 plays song A, remote player 2 can play song B.

I see most users appreciate the diversity of deployments which Broadcast Power is capable of. This flexibility adds control to the radio station administrator giving them control of how they wish to deploy their system, controlling security and bandwidth consumption along the way.

There is no coding limit to the number of remote controllers that can be added to the network. The only limitation is the network bandwidth and system resources. Please note that we have not tested Broadcast Power with more than 2 remote controllers and would welcome any invitation to assist in deploying it to more than 2 remote controllers and helping our customers with the setup.

Broadcast Power comes with an intuitive setup wizard which facilitates deployments. In its most basic and default configuration, the setup wizard will install Broadcast Power on a single machine (refer to scenario 1).

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