Commercial Servicing

Commercial Servicing

Commercial or ad request

We get ad requests on paper with the text of the ad and a choice of background music or along with the ad recording (usually called a creative brief). We also get the date and time during which the ad will be played. Sometimes we might not be able to meet the date and time restriction as ads are schedules based on spot time. However,we might escape the spot barrier and play ads at a specific time.

The same customer can have multiple ads. Ads for the same customer change with time (depending on marketing and advertising campaigns being launched). So we can group ads into campaigns for the same customer.

We might have multiple ads in the same campaign. These ads might be ordered.

Ads in a spot have a position or sequence number.

For example, an ad can be played at the head of a spot, or at the end of the spot. Another ad can be played second or third, etc...


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