Commercial Playback

Commercial Playback


Check Schedule

The current DJ always monitors the time along with the schedule of ads that he has until he detects a match.
Meanwhile, he will be playing a playlist, news, talk shows or songs (programs) on air.
The collection of things that can be broadcasted on air is called programs in Broadcast Power  terms.

Play Spot or Commercial Break

A spot is played by taking its individual ads in their order and playing them one after the other. The purpose here is not to have empty audio gaps between the one and the other so that we don't loose broadcast or air time.

Resume Program

After finishing the playing of the spot we resume the playback of the scheduled program.

Stop Program

If an ad is time sensitive this means that the spot that it belongs to must be played first. So, the DJ / engineer has to make an action of smoothly stopping any program that he is managing and trigger the ad audio playback. If there is a live show, he will have to synchronize with the broadcaster / speaker to end the talk so that the ad can be played.

Wait for Current Program Element to End

In this case, it is time for ads to be played but the spot is not time sensitive, so the mixer engineer (DJ) will wait for the current program element (song, conversation, ...) to end and then starts the spot playback.

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